Unreleased (latest)

Bug Fixes

  • The cornice package dropped support for python 3.5 as of version 6.1.0. Update the requirements file to ensure that a supported version of cornice is installed for python 3.5.

3.38.1 (2024-01-26)

Features / Changes

  • Maintenance release to update package dependencies and rebuild Dockers with latest vulnerability fixes.

3.38.0 (2023-11-28)

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure that user_name values for all User are lowercase and do not contain whitespace.

    Ziggurat foundations assumes that a User will not have a user_name that differs from another only in terms of case. The simplest way to enforce this is to ensure that all user_name values are lowercase. Previously, this was not enforced so we could create two User which could not be differentiated properly.

    This change includes a database migration that will convert all user_name that contain uppercase characters to lowercase. This may cause a database conflict if there are two user_name values that differ only in terms of case. For example “Test” and “test”. If this occurs, please manually update those user_name values to no longer conflict and try the migration again.

    This also prevents new users from being created that contain whitespace.

3.37.1 (2023-10-27)

Features / Changes

  • Ensure that the settings/environment variable MAGPIE_USER_NAME_EXTRA_REGEX is case sensitive. Previously, the check was case insensitive meaning that it could not be used to restrict usernames based on case. For example, setting this value to ^[a-z]+$ would have permit the username "someuser" as well as "Someuser". Now, the same regular expression will not match "Someuser" since case sensitivity in enforced.

3.37.0 (2023-10-24)

Features / Changes

  • Create an additional settings/environment variable MAGPIE_USER_NAME_EXTRA_REGEX that acts as an additional check for whether a user_name is valid. This creates a further restriction on this value which is useful when there are additional limits on the user_name that should be enforced by Magpie.

3.36.0 (2023-10-03)

Features / Changes

  • Allow startup Service registration to update the type field if a change is detected when loading providers configurations. Note that modifying type of a Service with existing Resource or Permission definitions on the Service itself or any of its children could break the Magpie instance if those definitions are not compatible.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix returned headers in 401 Unauthenticated response which did not properly employ Authentication-Control header to return the location-when-unauthenticated parameter instead of returning it directly as invalid header.

  • Add API endpoint GET /services/{service_name}/resources/{resource_id} similar to existing endpoint GET /resources/{resource_id} allowing retrieval of a Resource details with prior validation that it lies under the referenced Service (fixes #347).

  • Improve JSON typing definitions to reduce false-positives linting errors and add missing typing definitions.

3.35.0 (2023-08-31)

Features / Changes

  • Add support of RESTful API endpoints (i.e.: ServiceAPI) under ServiceGeoserver using Route resources (fixes #584). Requires the Service to be configured either with the default configuration, or by explicitly setting api: true. When a HTTP request is sent toward a Service typed ServiceGeoserver, any non-OWS request (i.e.: WFS, WMS, WPS) will default to the resolution handling of typical ServiceAPI. This can be used notably to access the /web and /ogc endpoints of a GeoServer instance.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix UI rendering of the Permission label list under a Service edition page when a large amount of possible permissions is applicable. This was notably the case of ServiceGeoserver that combines permissions of multiple OWS-based services, which where going out of bound of the UI page.

  • Fix UI scrollbars going over the Permission titles in the User and Group permission edition pages.

3.34.0 (2023-05-31)

Features / Changes

  • Add the service.type data in the Webhooks for a Permission change, even if the resource is not a service, since the root service type is necessary to Cowbird.

3.33.0 (2023-03-20)

Features / Changes

  • Add a new tween that enforces active database transaction to be closed after handling the request and generating response to limit potential idle in transaction states.

  • Unpin alembic to allow latest versions to be installed for Python versions supporting it.

3.32.0 (2023-02-09)

Features / Changes

  • Use Python 3.11 in the Magpie Docker application to take advantage of performance improvements and security fixes.

  • Use twitcher>=0.9.0 based on Python 3.11 for the Twitcher Docker with MagpieAdapter preinstalled.

  • Use Python 3.11 by default for CI tests and linting checks.

3.31.0 (2023-02-07)

Features / Changes

  • Use twitcher>=0.8.0.

  • Register a ResponseFactory that inserts the request reference within produced response objects when handled by pyramid handlers. This is to ensure better alignment of expected object references with other code sections, such as in the MagpieAdapter.

  • Add get_registry utility function and adjust get_settings that reuses common operations between them.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix MagpieAdapter to employ the new send_request method (twitcher>=0.8.0) in order to inject the missing response.request reference within the proxied response when the requests module was used to perform the request. This resolves a None reference that caused most of the MagpieAdapter.response_hook to fail.

3.30.0 (2023-01-23)

Features / Changes

  • Add HTML filtering rule when generating Mako Templates employed for email notifications to ensure safe parameters.

  • Add common regex patterns as precompiled definitions to speedup their use when provided to verify_param function.

  • Improve the documentation regarding the configuration of GitHub as External Provider for login identity.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix duplicate Location header causing issues during HTTP redirection for External Provider login procedure.

3.29.0 (2022-12-12)

Features / Changes

  • Add service_sync_type field to Service edition UI page.

  • Add missing Python typing annotations for magpie.cli.sync_resources and magpie.cli.sync_services functions.

  • Add Python 3.9, 3.10 and 3.11 support.

  • Drop Python 2.7 support.

  • Mark Python 3.5 and 3.6 as legacy versions. Those are not recommended for security reasons, but are technically still functional to run Magpie. To run Magpie within Twitcher, Python 3.6 is required.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix missing resource_type field following synchronization with RemoteResource causing UI views KeyError when rendering their Mako template (resolves #549).

  • Maintenance updates for security fixes of dependency packages.

3.28.0 (2022-11-15)

Features / Changes

  • Raise HTTP conflict on Permission update when the new Permission to be generated matches perfectly with the existing one to avoid unnecessary Webhooks calls (subsequent delete and create of the same Permission definition).

  • Add debug logging details of processed Webhooks to facilitate integration with other services sending or receiving requests from this functionality.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix verify_param indirectly causing an error with PermissionSet object passed as param_compare argument when attempting to resolve if that comparison argument is of str type, which was not handled as valid second argument for the PermissionSet.__eq__ operation.

  • Minor adjustment in typing definitions.

3.27.0 (2022-09-02)

Features / Changes

  • Add database unique index to ensure case-insensitive User email cannot be stored.

    If any User entries with duplicate case-insensitive emails are present in the database, the application will fail when performing the database migration. Resolve those cases manually before starting Magpie.
  • Display User email field in UI page providing the list of registered and pending users.

  • Add mailto: link for all User email fields displayed in UI.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix conflicting User email not properly reported in UI with an appropriate message in creation page. The User name was instead reported as the conflicting property, although it was not the problematic field (resolves #521).

3.26.0 (2022-05-26)

Features / Changes

  • Add context parameter available for Service Hook functions, offering more handlers to obtain references to the adapter, the request’s Service implementation, and the corresponding database Resource. This can be used, amongst other things, to perform advanced operations such as validating other Resource and Permission conditions to modify the handled request or response by the hook.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix request.user property attempting setattr for unauthenticated use-case (anonymous pseudo user) when other piece of code (MagpieAdapter, Twitcher, etc.) except None since no actual user is authenticated. Identified during implementation testing of bird-house/birdhouse-deploy#245 feature.

3.25.0 (2022-05-20)

Features / Changes

  • Add JSON schema validation of loaded Service configuration (providers.cfg).

  • Add optional hooks section under each Service definition of the providers.cfg or combined configuration file that allows pre/post request/response processing operations using plugin Python scripts.

  • Add settings/environment variable MAGPIE_PROVIDERS_HOOKS_PATH to override the base directory where hook target functions can be found when relative references are employed.

  • Store the validated Service configuration in settings for later access to hooks definitions by the MagpieAdapter.

  • Rename the webhooks section stored in settings to magpie.webhooks to avoid possible name clashes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix typo in UI edit user page when listing order of resolution of permissions.

  • Apply multiple typing improvements and fixes.

3.24.0 (2022-03-23)

Features / Changes

  • Add PATCH /permissions endpoint that updates permissions and creates related resources if necessary.

  • Add support of new format for permissions.cfg for the type parameter, using multiple types separated by a slash character, matching each type with each resource found in the resource parameter.

3.23.0 (2022-03-21)

Features / Changes

  • Add parents, flatten and invert query parameters for request GET /resources/{id} allowing listing of the hierarchy of parent resources leading down to that requested Resource, rather than listing all possible children resources branches under it. Combined with the flatten and/or invert parameters, the representation format and order of returned resources can also be adjusted.

  • Refactor OpenAPI schema definitions for query parameters to ensure proper names are reused across endpoints.

Bug Fixes

  • Update linting configuration rules to validate all migration scripts employed by alembic.

  • Apply applicable linting fixes over alembic migration scripts.

3.22.0 (2022-03-10)

Features / Changes

  • Remove auto-creation of GetCapabilities allowed Permission applied directly onto any Service type that supports it, for the MAGPIE_ANONYMOUS_USER, for a Service registered at startup from a definition retrieved from providers.cfg configuration file. Platforms that desire to maintain a similar auto-creation of the public Permission should consider instead defining an entry in permissions.cfg for the targeted Service.

  • Forbid the creation, edition or deletion of any Permission onto a Service or Resource associated to MAGPIE_ANONYMOUS_USER. Any such erroneous Permission that could already existing in the database will be converted automatically to the corresponding MAGPIE_ANONYMOUS_GROUP with database migration at application startup. If a conflict occurs, the existing Permission for MAGPIE_ANONYMOUS_GROUP will be prioritized and the one for MAGPIE_ANONYMOUS_USER will be dropped.

  • Ignore any explicit entry in permissions.cfg (or any of its variants) that attempts to create or delete any Permission for MAGPIE_ANONYMOUS_USER.

  • Update UI to better represent disallowed operations for MAGPIE_ANONYMOUS_USER.

Bug Fixes

  • When the option is provided to auto-create GetCapabilities on a Service that supports it, the Permission is now applied onto MAGPIE_ANONYMOUS_GROUP instead of MAGPIE_ANONYMOUS_USER, as it was originally intended and documented in function parameters. User MAGPIE_ANONYMOUS_USER will not be accessible from the API, which would cause auto-creation of allowed GetCapabilities to be impossible to remove. Given User-level permission has an higher priority in resolution order than Group-level, it was also impossible to revert it with deny.

  • Fix missing link to OpenAPI Specification in generated ReadTheDocs TOC.

  • Update bandit version and resolve flagged lxml uses with secured XML parsing utilities.

3.21.0 (2022-02-02)

Features / Changes

  • Add missing ServiceWFS permissions according to OGC WFS standard.

  • Add missing DescribeLayer permission to ServiceGeoserverWMS according to GeoServer WMS implementation.

  • Add support of specific hierarchy of Resource type Layer nested under Workspace for ServiceGeoserverWMS.

  • Add support of Resource type Layer under ServiceWFS.

  • Allow Resource and Service name to contain colon (:) character in order to define scoped names as it is often the case for Layer names.

  • Add child_structure_allowed attribute to Service implementations allowing them to define specific structures of allowed Resource types hierarchies in order to control which combinations of nested Resource types are valid under their root Service. When not defined under a Service implementation, any defined Resource type will remain available for creation at any level of the hierarchy, unless the corresponding Resource in the tree already defined child_resource_allowed = False. This was already the original behaviour in previous versions.

  • Add GET /resources/{id}/types endpoint that allows retrieval of applicable children Resource types under a given Resource considering the nested hierarchy definition of its root Service defined by the new attribute child_structure_allowed.

  • Add child_structure_allowed attribute to the response of GET /service/{name} endpoint. For backward compatibility, resource_types_allowed parameter already available in the same response will continue to report all possible Resource types at any level under the Service hierarchy, although not necessarily applicable as immediate child Resource under that Service.

  • Add configurable attribute to Service types that supports custom definitions modifying their behaviour.

  • Add service_configurable to response of GET /service/{name} endpoint.

  • Adjust UI to consider child_structure_allowed definitions to propose only applicable Resource types in the combobox when creating a new Resource in the tree hierarchy.

  • Add UI submission field to provide Service JSON configuration at creation when supported by the type.

  • Add child_structure_allowed to ServiceAPI and ServiceTHREDDS to be more explicit about allowed structure hierarchies in API responses. Their original behaviour remains unchanged, but is further enforced during validation of their children resource type creation against explicit structure.

  • Add multi-Resource ACL resolution within the same request to support Service implementations that can refer to multiple items simultaneously. An example of this is the comma-separated list of Layer defined by typeNames of new ServiceGeoserverWMS implementation. Access is granted if the User has access to ALL Resource resolved from parsing the request.

  • Add auto-restore of previous scroll position in UI page following submitted form.

  • Add UI tooltip Resource ID to elements rendered in the Service and Permission hierarchy trees (relates to #335).

  • Add UI horizontal multi-scroll (all tree lines simultaneously) of Permission selectors when there are more that can fit naturally within the tab view for a given Service type (relates to #498).

Bug Fixes

  • Remove invalid params_expected parameter from Service implementations (ServiceAccess, ServiceAPI, ServiceTHREDDS) that don’t make use of it since they don’t derive from ServiceOWS.

  • Fix base Permission definitions for all variants of WMS according to their reference implementations.

  • Remove multiple invalid schema path definitions that are not mapped against any concrete API endpoint.

  • Fix reporting of Service configuration for any type that supports it. Unless overridden during creation with a custom configuration, ServiceTHREDDS instances would not report their default configuration field and would instead return null, making it difficult to know from the API if default or no configuration was being applied for a given Service.

  • Fix Effective Resolution of Permission applied for ServiceGeoserverWMS to consider Scope modifier of Service and Workspace for access to be resolved at the Layer level.

  • Fix UI alignment of permission titles with their corresponding permission selectors (relates to #498).

3.20.1 (2022-01-19)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Twitcher /verify endpoint integrated through MagpieAdapter to validate synchronized authentication policies across both services. The endpoint now supports query parameter credentials to facilitate call directly within a web browser (not assuming JSON contents) and properly parses cookies from both policies to report more detailed error messages in case of failure.

  • Fix error and type representation when handling raised exception by evaluate_call utility function.

3.20.0 (2022-01-06)

Features / Changes

  • Add improved UI display of long Permission titles for Resource hierarchy tree headers.

  • Add improved UI display of Permission titles using capitalization for better readability.

  • Add UI display of the Resource type as label before its name for each item within the hierarchy tree.

  • Add UI display of lock icon and message for special Group that are not editable.

  • Move invalid reference to Resource within UI tree rendering function under the relevant item rendering function.

  • Improve UI icons and messages related to User and Group edit not allowed when applicable to special members.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix matches operation of verify_param function to consider ignored case and verbose (extended) regexes as defined in reference colander module to provide the intended validation.

  • Fix invalid line above UI tree hierarchy (resolves #434).

  • Fix UI edit buttons for disallowed users (resolves #457).

3.19.1 (2021-12-08)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix initial request reference sometimes lost before cached service can finish its resolution in rare situations where another inbound request unsets the adapter request handle by hitting the same cached service key being computed (resolves issue detected with feature in PR #490 and observed in bird-house/birdhouse-deploy#224).

3.19.0 (2021-12-02)

Features / Changes

  • Add pyramid_retry package to attempt auto-recovering from still unhandled errors sqlalchemy.orm.exc.DetachedInstanceError and transaction.interfaces.NoTransaction following invalid cached/reset sessions and objects.

  • Refactor application configuration from magpie.__init__ to to setup all relevant modules and utilities in a common location and let the initialization part only include sub-modules.

  • Avoid double call of setup_ziggurat_config detected during refactor.

  • Adjust handling and ordering of tweens to ensure intended behaviour and compatibility with pyramid_retry.

  • Update Twitcher base Docker.adapter image to v0.6.2 to provide fixes related to session transaction handling (relates to bird-house/twitcher#111).

3.18.2 (2021-11-26)

Bug Fixes

  • Address more cases where sqlalchemy.orm.exc.DetachedInstanceError and transaction.interfaces.NoTransaction could occur by enforcing scoped session redefinition when needed and recreation of the transaction for fetched models.

3.18.1 (2021-11-25)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix erroneous config variable name. Changed magpie.user_registration_email_template to magpie.user_registration_submission_email_template.

  • Fix sqlalchemy.orm.exc.DetachedInstanceError and transaction.interfaces.NoTransaction that could occur on the first user.groups or GroupService.by_group_name operations within ServiceInterface.effective_permissions resolution when caching states differed between service and acl regions.

3.18.0 (2021-10-27)

Features / Changes

3.17.1 (2021-10-27)

Features / Changes

  • Bump sqlalchemy_utils==0.37.9 to resolve vulnerability issue.

3.17.0 (2021-10-27)

Features / Changes

  • Add new Terms and conditions field for Group creation. When a request is made to assign a User to a Group with terms and conditions, an email is now sent to the User with the terms and conditions. The User is assigned to the Group when receiving the User’s approval of terms and conditions, and another email is then sent to notify the User of the successful operation.

  • Changed /groups/{group_name}/users, /users/current/groups and /users/{user_name}/groups endpoints with new query parameter status to either get active, pending or all Users or Groups. This new parameter is useful to display any pending Users/Groups on the UI.

  • Added new field has_pending_group in the user info returned by /users/{user_name} endpoint, indicating if the user has any pending group.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix HTTP Internal Server Error [500] on the page to edit a Group when deleting the last User of a Group.

3.16.1 (2021-10-18)

Features / Changes

  • N/A

Bug Fixes

  • Add scoped_session directly within the get_session_factory creating the default session and transaction objects for all requests in order to better separate their execution across worker/thredds (address errors identified by issue #466).

  • Add more fallback operations to detect invalid database Session objects when caching is involved and attempt fixing their references such that Service and Resources can use them during following ACL resolution (address errors identified by issue #466).

  • Add more logging entries to identify specific cases where Session objects are invalid.

  • Add more specific TWITCHER-prefixed names with specific modules where loggers employed within MagpieAdapter are defined in order to better identify which log entries are called (code lines) when resolving ACL.

3.16.0 (2021-10-05)

Features / Changes

  • Add type query parameter to multiple requests returning Services or Resources regrouped by ServiceType, either in general or for a given User or Group in order to limit listing in responses and optimise some operations where only a subset of details are needed.

  • When requesting specific type with new query parameters, the relevant sections will always be added to the response content, even when no Service are to be returned when User as no Direct or Inherited permissions on it. This is to better illustrate that type was properly interpreted and indicate that nothing was found.

  • Using new type query to filter ServiceType, improve Permissions listing in UI pages with faster processing because Services that are not required (since they are not currently being displayed by the tab-panel view) can be skipped entirely, removing the need to compute their underlying Resource and Permissions tree hierarchy.

  • Add various test utility improvements to parse and retrieve Permissions from HTML pages combo-boxes to facilitate development and increase validation of UI functionalities. This will also help for futures tests (relates to #193).

  • Reapply list (prior name in 2.x releases) as permitted alternative query parameter name to official query parameter flatten for requests that support it.

  • Sort items by type and name for better readability of returned content by the various Service endpoints.

Bug Fixes

  • Replace invalid schema definitions using old combined query parameter by resolve query parameter actually employed by request views in order to properly report this query parameter in the OpenAPI specification.

  • Apply resolve=true query parameter to UI page sub-request when resolving inherited user/group permissions in order to display the highest priority Permission for each corresponding Resource in the tree hierarchy. Without this option, the first permission was displayed based on naming ordering methodology, which made it more confusing for administrators to understand how effective permissions could be obtained (fixes #463).

  • Fix a situation where the response from the API for GET /users/{}/resources endpoint would not correctly list Resolved Permissions only for the top-most Resource in the hierarchy (i.e.: Service) due to different resolution methodologies applied between both types. This does NOT affect Effective Resolution which has its own algorithm for access resolution to Resources.

  • Add links to Magpie’s ReadTheDocs Terms for all corresponding Permissions definitions rendered in information note within the UI User edit page. Notes indicate the resolution priority and methodology from the documentation to remind the administrator about what is being displayed according to applied options.

  • Replace all instances to any variation of Permissions mention within Magpie’s ReadTheDocs Permissions page from a term glossary reference to corresponding detailed section reference in Types of Permissions chapter to avoid back and forth redirects between the Permissions page and their generic term glossary.

  • Fix incorrectly generated references from Permissions terms in glossary to detailed descriptions in ReadTheDocs.

3.15.1 (2021-09-29)

Features / Changes

  • Add multiple new log entries during Permission effective resolution and Service retrieval within MagpieAdapter to debug procedure and attempt identifying any problem with it when caching is involved (relates to #466).

Bug Fixes

  • Pin sqlalchemy, sqlalchemy_utils, zope.sqlalchemy and ziggurat_foundations to specific package versions to avoid underlying issues when combining dependencies with Twitcher (in Docker.adapter). Some definitions at lower level in ziggurat_foundations cause an issue when moving to sqlalchemy>=1.4, which was allowed since Twitcher v0.5.5 (see ergo/ziggurat_foundations#71). It is temporarily addressed by reducing requirements of Twitcher (see bird-house/twitcher#108) and referencing its associated release v0.5.6 in the Docker.adapter, which downgrades needed packages when extending it with Magpie.

  • Use pip legacy and faster resolver as per pypa/pip#9187 (comment) since current one is endlessly failing to resolve development packages (linting tools from check targets).

  • Add possible detached Resource reconnection (merge) to active session during Permission effective resolution with mixed caching state between ACL and Service regions in case they mismatch (potential fix to #466).

3.15.0 (2021-08-11)

Features / Changes

  • Improve API update operation of Service for allowed fields in order to accept body containing only the new value for the custom configuration without additional parameters. It was not possible to update configuration by itself, as service_name and service_url were independently validated for new values beforehand.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix lookup error of setting MAGPIE_USER_REGISTRATION_ENABLED when omitted from configuration during user email update (fixes #459).

  • Fix erasure value None (JSON null) validation when updating Service field configuration to properly distinguish explicitly provided None against default value when the field is omitted.

  • Fix incorrect OpenAPI body schema indicated in response of POST /services request.

3.14.0 (2021-07-14)

Features / Changes

  • Improve error reporting of MagpieAdapter when validating the requested Permission. If the Service implementation raises an HTTP Bad Request [400] due to insufficient, invalid or missing parameters from the request to properly resolve the corresponding Magpie Permission, more details about the cause will be reported in the Twitcher response body. Also, code 400 is returned instead of 500 (relates to #433).

  • Improve caches invalidation of computed ACL permissions following corresponding Service cache invalidation.

  • Enforce disabled caching of service and acl regions if corresponding settings where not provided in INI configuration files of both Magpie and Twitcher (via MagpieAdapter).

  • Add more tests that validate invalidation and resolution behaviours of caching.

  • Add test that validates performance speedup caching provides when enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue in MagpieAdapter when Service caching is enabled (in Twitcher INI configuration) that caused implementations derived from ServiceOWS (WPS, WMS, WFS) to incorrectly retrieve and parse the cached request parameters instead of the new ones from the incoming request.

    Because ServiceOWS implementations employ request parameter request (in query or body based on HTTP method) to infer their corresponding Magpie Permission (e.g.: GetCapabilities, GetMap, etc.), this produced potential inconsistencies between the requested Permission that Twitcher was evaluating with Magpie, and the actual request sent to the Service behind the proxy. Depending on the request order and cache expiration times, this could lead to permissions incorrectly resolved for some requests, granting or rejecting wrong user access to resources.

3.13.0 (2021-06-29)

Features / Changes

  • Changed UserStatuses.WebhookErrorStatus = 0 to UserStatuses.WebhookError = 2 to provide further functionalities. Migration script applies this change to existing User entries.

  • Changed the returned status value by the API routes to use the string name representation instead of the integer.

  • Changed status search query handling of GET /users path for improved search and filtering capabilities.

  • Add new UserStatuses.Pending = 4 value that can be queried by administrators.

  • Add UserPending object with corresponding table for pending approval by an administrator for some new self-registered user. Migration script creates the table with expected fields.

  • Add new requests under /register/users and /ui/register/users endpoints for user account self-registration.

  • Add UI view to display pending user registration details.

  • Add UI icon to indicate when a listed user is pending registration approval or email validation.

  • Disable user email self-update (when not administrator) both on the API and UI side whenever MAGPIE_USER_REGISTRATION_ENABLED was activated to avoid losing the confirmation of the original email (see feature #436).

  • Add configuration setting MAGPIE_USER_REGISTRATION_ENABLED to control whether user account self-registration feature should be employed. With it comes multiple other MAGPIE_USER_REGISTRATION_<...> settings to customize notification emails.

  • Add multiple MAGPIE_SMTP_<...> configuration settings to control connections to notification email SMTP server.

  • Add empty_missing flag to get_constant utility to allow validation against existing environment variables or settings that should be considered as invalid when resolved value is an empty string.

  • Add missing format for applicable url and email elements in the OpenAPI specification.

  • Add better logging options control in CLI operations.

  • Add new CLI helper send_email to test various email template generation and SMTP configurations to send emails.

  • Replace -d option of register_providers CLI operation (previously used to select database mode) by --db to avoid conflict with logging flags.

  • Replace -d and -l options of batch_update_users CLI operation respectively by -D and -L to avoid conflict with logging flags.

Bug Fixes

  • Explicitly disallow duplicate email entries, both with pre-validation and literal database values. Note that any duplicate email will be raised an migration script will fail. Manual cleanup of the undesired entry will be required, as Magpie will not be able to assume which one corresponds to the valid user to preserve.

    Since email can be employed as another mean of login credential instead of the more typically used username, this caused potential denial of authentication for some user accounts where email was matched against another account with duplicate email.
  • Add ziggurat_foundations extensions for Pyramid directly in the code during application setup such that an INI configuration file that omits them from pyramid.include won’t cause Magpie to break.

  • Define the various constants expected by GitHub as WSO2 external identity connectors with defaults to avoid unnecessary log warnings when calling CLI helper.

3.12.0 (2021-05-11)

Features / Changes

  • Add explicit typing definitions of configuration files and resolved settings to facilitate discovery of invalid handling of formats or parameters during parsing and startup registration.

  • Apply many documentation updates in both configuration sections and the corresponding configuration example headers.

  • Add MAGPIE_WEBHOOKS_CONFIG_PATH configuration setting / environment variable that allows potentially using multiple configuration files for Webhooks. This parameter is notably important for developers that where using the MAGPIE_PROVIDERS_CONFIG_PATH or MAGPIE_PERMISSIONS_CONFIG_PATH settings to load multiple files, as they cannot be combined with single configuration provided by MAGPIE_CONFIG_PATH, which was the only supported way to provide Webhooks definitions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix users and groups registration configurations not respecting update method when conflicting definitions occur. They will respect alphabetical file name order and later ones remain.

  • Fix users and groups registration configurations not correctly parsed when multiple files where employed (fixes #429).

  • Fix inappropriate validation of payload field when loading Webhooks. Empty {}, "", null payloads, or even omitting the parameter itself, will now be allowed since this can be valid use cases when sending requests without any body.

  • Fix url parameter of Webhooks not allowing empty string for path portion of the URL.

  • Fix incorrect documentation of name parameter handling for Webhooks in configurations files (single or multiple) with respect to the code. Duplicate entries are not enforced, but will be warned in logs.

3.11.0 (2021-05-06)

Features / Changes

  • Add UI icons for locked and delete button operations on Users, Groups and Services pages.

  • Add detail query parameter to obtain user details from GET /users to avoid individual requests for each user when those information are needed (fixes #202).

  • Add the missing status and user_id fields in API schema of returned User responses.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue related to parsing cookies identified while submitting user creation from UI (fixes #427). Added corresponding test (relates to #193).

3.10.0 (2021-04-12)

Features / Changes

  • Update gunicorn>=20.x to receive latest security patches (fixes #410).

    Because gunicorn changed how its CLI handles INI files, pserve should be employed instead to ensure the configured web application port is properly applied with the provided magpie.ini configuration file. Furthermore, the (host, port) or bind should be updated to employ instead of localhost:2001, or any other combination of desired port to serve the application.
  • Modify Webhook template variables to employ double braces (i.e.: {{<variable>}}) to avoid ambiguity during parsing by YAML configuration files. Also employ dotted notation (e.g.: {{}}) to better represent which parameters come from a given entity.

  • Update documentation to provide further details about Webhook configuration, examples and resulting event requests.

  • Add Webhook implementations for User status update operation.

  • Add Webhook implementations for every combination of User/Group, Service/Resource, creation/deletion operation of a Permission.

  • Add Permission tag to applicable OpenAPI schemas to regroup them and facilitate retrieving their operations that were otherwise scattered around in the various User/Group, Service/Resource sections, amongst their already crowded listing.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an edge case where Webhook template replacement could sporadically raise an error according to the replaced value not being a string.

  • Fix default MAGPIE_PORT value not applied and validate other parsing resolution order for any environment variable or settings that can interact with MAGPIE_URL definition (resolves #417).

  • Fix OpenAPI schema definitions to employ the cookie authenticated security scheme when doing /users/... requests. Although some requests are public (i.e.: getting items related to MAGPIE_ANONYMOUS_USER), every other request do require authentication, and is the most common method that the API is employed.

3.9.0 (2021-04-06)

Features / Changes

  • Add missing WWW-Authentication and Location-When-Unauthenticated headers when HTTP Unauthorized [401] response is returned (addresses #96 and fixes #330).

  • Add documentation details about Authentication and Authorization methods (fixes #344).

  • Change the default provider employed with Authorization header by the MagpieAdapter to match the default internal login operation applied when using the normal sign-in API path.

  • Change the query provider to provider_name when using the Authorization header in order to aligned with provider_name employed for every other sign-in related operation.

  • Ensure MagpieAdapter returns the appropriate code (Unauthorized [401] vs Forbidden [403]) according to missing or specified authentication headers.

  • Forbid anonymous special user login as it corresponds to “not logged in” definition.

  • Change HTTP Forbidden [403] responses during login to generic Unauthorized [401] to avoid leaking details about which are valid and invalid user names. Any failure to login using correctly formatted credentials will be errored out indistinctly as Unauthorized [401].

  • Add API user status update operation using PATCH request (admin-only).

  • Add API user list status to filter query by given user account statuses.

  • Add UI icon to provide user status feedback on individual user info page and through user list summary.

  • Change tmp_url to callback_url for Webhook template and provided parameter to Webhook requests to better represent its intended use.

  • Improve Webhook template replacement to allow specification of format (default json) and preserve non-string parameters following replacement. Other content-types will enforce string of the whole body.

Bug Fixes

  • Add missing Max-Age and expires indications in generated Cookie when MAGPIE_COOKIE_EXPIRE is defined.

  • Fix incorrect metadata and format of response from login using GET method with contents generated by dispatched POST request.

3.8.0 (2021-03-29)

Features / Changes

  • Explicitly require MAGPIE_ADMIN_USER and MAGPIE_ADMIN_PASSWORD to be updated through configuration and application restart. Update is forbidden through the API and UI.

  • Add UI loading animation while sync operation is in progress to indicate some user feedback that it was registered and is running until completion as it can take a while to parse all remote resources (depends on amount and latency).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix incorrect migration operation of old permission names to new permission-set scheme introduced in (PR#353, database revision a2a039e2cff5) that were omitting check of affected user/group, causing inconsistent drop of mismatching permissions. Resolution is retroactively compatible for every Magpie 1.x 2.x migration (fixes #403).

  • Fix UI erroneously displaying edit or delete operations for reserved user names that does not apply for such updates.

  • Fix UI not handling returned error related to forbidden operation during user edition (identified by issue #402).

  • Fix password update of pre-registered administrator upon configuration change of MAGPIE_ADMIN_PASSWORD without modification to MAGPIE_ADMIN_USER (fixes #402).

  • Apply backward compatibility fixes to handle regexes in Python 3.5 (pending deprecation).

  • Remove MagpieAdapter from Python 2.7 test suite to get passing results against obsolete version and unsupported code by Twitcher.

  • Fix default value resolution of MAGPIE_CONFIG_DIR if the specified value is parsed as empty string.

  • Fix mismatching resolution of database URL from different locations because of invalid settings forwarding.

  • Patch broken sync RemoteResource due to invalid resolution of ziggurat-foundations model in tree generator (relates to ergo/ziggurat_foundations PR#70, fixes #401).

3.7.1 (2021-03-18)

Bug Fixes

  • Pin version of sqlalchemy<1.4 breaking integrations with sqlalchemy_utils and zope.sqlalchemy.

3.7.0 (2021-03-16)

Features / Changes

  • Introduce caching of Service definitions using beaker, which can be use in conjunction with ACL caching to improve performance of Twitcher requests.

  • Apply cache invalidation when it can be resolved upon changes to instances that should be reflected immediately.

  • Update performance docs and INI related to caching.

Bug Fixes

  • Improve error message in case of failure to load INI file instead of misleading index error.

  • Fix broken link to remote authentication provider in documentation.

  • Fix JSON rendering of Group response specifically for MAGPIE_ADMIN_GROUP where inf value could not be converted. Literal string "max" is instead returned in that case, and the corresponding int for others.

  • Fix conversion of expire value to integer when retrieved from MAGPIE_TOKEN_EXPIRE setting as string.

3.6.0 (2021-02-09)

Features / Changes

  • Add a list of Webhook URLs, defined in the configuration, that will be called when creating or deleting a user (resolves #343).

3.5.1 (2021-02-08)

Features / Changes

  • Add URL endpoint to receive temporary tokens to complete pending operations (in preparation of PR #378).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix rendering of path parameter details within OpenAPI schemas.

  • Fix alembic migration failing due to new version updates of package (see diff 1.4.3 => 1.5.2).

  • Fix documentation references and generation with updated Sphinx extension packages.

  • Bump version of Twitcher to v0.5.5 to obtain its Docker dependency fixes (see PR bird-house/twitcher#99).

3.5.0 (2021-01-06)

Features / Changes

  • Add Group priority to resolve inherited permission resolution in case of multiple entries from different group memberships of the evaluated User.

  • Add reason field to returned Permission objects to help better comprehend the provenance of a composed set of permissions from User and its multiple Group memberships.

  • Make special MAGPIE_ANONYMOUS_GROUP have less priority than other generic Group to allow reverting public DENY permission by one of those more specific Group with ALLOW permission.

  • Simplify and combine multiple permission resolution steps into PermissionSet.resolve method.

  • Resolve permissions according to closest Resource scope against applicable priorities.

  • Update documentation with more permission resolution concepts and examples.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix invalid submission of Group memberships from User edit UI page to ignore MAGPIE_ANONYMOUS_GROUP presence or omission since it cannot be edited regardless (blocked by API).

  • Fix session retrieval in case of erroneous cookie token provided in request and not matching any valid User. This could happen in case of previously valid User token employed right after it got deleted, making corresponding ID unresolvable until invalidated by timeout or forgotten, or by plain forgery of invalid tokens.

  • Fix returned Group ID in response from creation request. Value was None and required second request to get the actual value. The ID is returned immediately with expected value.

3.4.0 (2020-12-09)

Features / Changes

  • Add option to delete the User’s own account.

  • Add MAGPIE_TEST_VERSION to control (override) the local version to consider against test safeguards. Allows development of future versions using MAGPIE_TEST_VERSION=latest.

  • Add documentation about testing methodologies and setup configuration.

  • Bump version of Twitcher to v0.5.4 to provide Docker image with integrated MagpieAdapter using performance fix (see PR bird-house/twitcher#98).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix inconsistent UI spacing of tabs for panel selector and employ mako function to avoid duplicated code fragments.

3.3.0 (2020-11-25)

Features / Changes

  • Add better details of HTTP error cause in returned UI page (resolves #369).

  • Ensure that general programming internal errors are not bubbled up in UI error page.

  • Add function to parse output body and redact potential leaks of flagged fields.

  • Align HTML format and structure of all edit forms portions of Users, Groups and Services UI pages to simplify and unify their rendering.

  • Add inline UI error messages to User edition fields.

  • Improve resolution of Twitcher URL using TWITCHER_HOST explicitly provided setting (or environment variable) before falling back to default HOSTNAME value.

  • Employ Pyramid’s local thread registry to resolve application settings if not explicitly provided to magpie.constants.get_constant, avoiding inconsistent resolution of setting value versus environment variable wherever the settings container was not passed down everywhere over deeply nested function calls.

  • Handle Twitcher, PostgreSQL and Phoenix setting prefix conversion from corresponding environment variable names.

  • Store custom configuration of Service into database for same definition retrieval between Magpie and Twitcher without need to provide the same configuration file to both on startup.

  • Update Service registration operations at startup to update entries if custom configuration was modified.

  • Update API to allow POST and PATCH operations with Service custom configuration.

  • Display custom Service configuration as JSON/YAML on its corresponding UI edit page when applicable.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix validation of edited user fields to handle and adequately indicate returned error on UI (resolves #370).

3.2.1 (2020-11-17)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix incorrect flag that made some registration unittests to be skipped.

  • Fix parsing of JSON and explicit string formatted permissions during their registration from configuration files.

  • Update config/permissions.cfg documentation about omitted type field.

3.2.0 (2020-11-10)

Features / Changes

  • Add catalog specific pattern by default for metadata BROWSE access of top-level ServiceTHREDDS directory. This resolves an issue where THREDDS accessed as <PROXY_URL>/thredds/catalog.html for listing the root directory attempted to compare catalog.html against the format-related prefix that is normally expected at this sub-path position (<PROXY_URL>/thredds/catalog/[...]/catalog.html) during children resource listing.

  • Added pattern support for prefixes entries of ServiceTHREDDS.

Bug Fixes

  • Adjust visual alignment of UI notices on individual newlines when viewing user inherited permissions.

3.1.0 (2020-10-23)

Features / Changes

  • Add BROWSE permission for ServiceTHREDDS to parse request against metadata or data contents according to specified configuration of the specific service (resolves #361).

  • Add documentation details about parsing methodologies, specific custom configurations and respective usage of the various Service types provided by Magpie.

  • Adjust MagpieAdapter such that OWSAccessForbidden is raised by default if the Service implementation fails to provide a valid Permission enum from permission_requested method. Incorrectly defined Service will therefore not unexpectedly grant access to protected resources. Behaviour also aligns with default DENY access obtained when resolving effective permissions through Magpie API routes.

  • Upgrade migration script is added to duplicate BROWSE permissions from existing READ permissions on every ServiceTHREDDS and all their children resource to preserve previous functionality where both metadata and data access where both managed by the same READ permission.

    Downgrade migration drops every BROWSE permission that could exist in later versions. This is done like so to avoid granting additional access to some THREDDS directories or file if only BROWSE was specified. When doing downgrade migration, ensure to have READ where both metadata and data should be granted access.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix parsing of ServiceAPI routes during retrieval of the deepest available Resource to ensure that even when the targeted Resource is actually missing, the closest parent permissions with Scope.RECURSIVE will still take effect. Same fix applied for ServiceTHREDDS for corresponding directory and file typed Resource.

  • Propagate SSL verify option of generated service definition if provided to Twitcher obtained from MagpieAdapter.

  • Adjust and validate parsing of ServiceWPS request using POST XML body (fixes #157).

3.0.0 (2020-10-19)

Features / Changes

  • Adjust alembic migration scripts to employ date-ordered naming convention to help searching features within them.

  • Add DENY permission access concept with new PermissionSet object and Access enum (resolves #235).

  • Remove -match suffixed entries from Permission enum in favor of new Scope enum employed by new PermissionSet definition.

  • Update permission entries to employ explicit string representation as [name]-[access]-[scope] in the database (resolves #342).

  • Add PermissionType enum that details the type of permission being represented in any given response (values correspond to types detailed in documentation).

  • Provide new permissions list in applicable API responses, with explicit name, access, scope and type fields for each PermissionSet represented as individual JSON object. Responses will also return the explicit string representations (see above) combined with the older implicit representation still returned in permission_names field for backward compatibility (note: DENY elements are only represented as explicit as there was no such implicit permissions before).

  • Add more documentation details and examples about new permission concepts introduced.

  • Add DELETE request views with permission object provided in body to allow deletion using PermissionSet JSON representation instead of literal string by path variable. Still support permission_name path variable requests for backward compatibility for equivalent names.

  • Add POST request support of permission JSON representation of PermissionSet provided in request body. Fallback to permission_name field for backward compatibility if equivalent permission is not found.

  • Add new PUT request that updates a possibly existing permission (or create it if missing) without needing to execute any prior GET and/or DELETE requests that would normally be required to validate the existence or not of previously defined permission to avoid HTTP Conflict on POST. This allows quicker changes of access and scope modifiers applied on a given permission with a single operation (see details in issue #342).

  • Add many omitted tests regarding validation of operations on user/group service/resource permissions API routes.

  • Add functional tests that evaluate MagpieAdapter behaviour and access control of service/resource from resolution of effective permissions upon incoming requests as they would be received by Twitcher proxy.

  • Add Cache-Control: no-cache header support during ACL resolution of effective permissions on service/resource to ignore any caching optimization provided by beaker.

  • Add resource of type Process for ServiceWPS which can take advantage of new effective permission resolution method shared across service types to apply DescribeProcess and Execute permission on per-Process basis (match scope) or globally for all processes using permission on the parent WPS service (recursive scope). (resolves #266).

  • Modify all implementations of Service to support effective permission resolution to natively support new permissions modifiers Access and Scope.

  • Adjust all API routes that provide effective query parameter to return resolved effective permissions of the User onto the targeted Resource, and this for all applicable permissions on this Resource, using new Access permission modifier.

  • Adjust UI pages to provide selector of Access and Scope modifiers for all available permission names.

  • Change UI permission pages to Apply batch edition of multiple entries simultaneously instead of one at the time.

  • Improve rendering of UI disabled items such as inactive checkboxes or selectors when not applicable for given context.

  • Refactor UI tree renderer to reuse same code for both User and Group resource permissions.

  • Add UI button on User edit page to test its effective permission on a given resource. Must be in inherited permissions display mode to have access to test button, in order to help understand the result.

  • Upgrade migration script is added to convert existing implicit names to new explicit permission names.

    Downgrade migration drops any DENY permission that would be added in future versions, as they do not exist prior to this introduced version. The same applies for Process resources.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix incorrect regex employed for validation of service URL during registration.

  • Replace HTTP status code 400 by 403 and 422 where applicable for invalid resource creation due to failing validations against reference parent service (relates to #359).

  • Fix UI rendering of Push to Phoenix notification when viewing service page with type WPS.

  • Fix UI rendering of some incorrect title background color for alert notifications.

  • Fix UI rendering of tree view items with collapsible/expandable resource nodes.

2.0.1 (2020-09-30)

Features / Changes

  • N/A

Bug Fixes

  • Fix users typo in example config/config.yml (fixes #354).

  • Fix CLI operation batch_update_users to employ provided password from input file config/config.yml instead of overriding it by random value. Omitted information will still auto-generate a random user password. (fixes #355).

2.0.0 (2020-07-31)

Features / Changes

  • Add /ui route redirect to frontpage when UI is enabled.

  • Add /json route information into generated Swagger API documentation.

  • Add tag description into generated Swagger API documentation.

  • Add more usage details to start Magpie web application in documentation.

  • Add database migration for new discoverable column of groups.

  • Allow logged user to update its own information both via API and UI (relates to #170).

  • Allow logged user of any access-level to register by itself to discoverable groups.

  • Change some UI CSS for certain pages to improve table readability.

  • Add UI page to render error details from API responses (instead of default server-side HTML error rendering).

  • Add MAGPIE_UI_THEME with new default blue theme and legacy green theme (with few improvements).

  • Add more validation and inputs parameters to update Group information.

  • Add UI input fields to allow administrator to update group description and group discoverability.

  • Allow combined configuration files (providers, permissions, users and groups sections) with resolution of inter-references between them. File can be specified with MAGPIE_CONFIG_PATH environment variable or magpie.config_path setting (example in configs).

  • Add configurable User creation parameters upon Magpie application startup through configuration files (fixes #47 and #204).

  • Add disabled checkboxes for UI rendering of non-editable items to avoid user doing operations that will always be blocked by corresponding API validation (relates to #164).

  • Add more tests to validate forbidden operations such as update or delete of reserved User and Group details.

  • Add active version tag at bottom of UI pages (same version as returned by API /version route).

  • Enforce configuration parameters MAGPIE_SECRET, MAGPIE_ADMIN_USER and MAGPIE_ADMIN_PASSWORD by explicitly defined values (either by environment variable or INI settings) to avoid using defaults for security purposes.

  • Change CLI helper create_users to batch_update_users to better represent provided functionalities.

  • Change CLI helper register_default_users to register_defaults to avoid confusion on groups also created.

  • Extend CLI batch_update_users functionality with additional options and corresponding tests.

  • Move all CLI helpers under magpie.cli and provide more details about them in documentation.

  • Allow unspecified group_name during user creation request to employ MAGPIE_ANONYMOUS_GROUP by default (i.e.: created user will have no other apparent group membership since it is always attributed for public access).

  • Change all PUT requests to PATCH to better reflect their actual behaviour according to RESTful best practices (partial field updates instead of complete resource replacement and conflict responses on duplicate identifiers).

  • Add support of Accept header and format query parameter for all API responses, for content-types variations in either plain text, HTML, XML or JSON (default), and include applicable values in schemas for Swagger generation.

  • Add support of new response content-type as XML (must request using Accept header or format query parameter).

  • Add documentation details about different types of Permission, interaction between various Magpie models, glossary and other general improvements (relates to #332 and #341).

  • Add alternative response format for service and service-type paths using flatten query parameter to obtain a flat list of services instead of nested dictionaries (fixes #345).

  • Change pre-existing list query parameter of user-scoped views to flatten response format to match new query of service-scoped views.

  • Add filtered query parameter for user-scoped resources permission listing when request user is an administrator.

  • Obsolete all API routes using inherited_permission format (deprecated since 0.7.4) in favor of equivalent permissions?inherited=true query parameter modifier.

  • Replace inherit query parameter wherever applicable by inherited to match documentation names, but preserve backward compatibility support of old name.

  • Add MAGPIE_PASSWORD_MIN_LENGTH setting with corresponding validation of field during User creation and update.

  • Avoid returning Service entries where user, group or both (according to request path and query options) does not actually have any permission set either directly on them or onto one of their respective children Resource. This avoids unnecessarily exposing all Service for which the user cannot (or should not) be interacting with anyway.

  • Add TWITCHER_HOST as alternative configuration parameter to define the service public URL, to have a similar naming convention as other use cases covered by MAGPIE_HOST and PHOENIX_HOST.

  • Modify PHOENIX_PUSH to be disabled by default to be consistent across all locations where corresponding feature is referenced (startup registration, CLI utility, API requests and UI checkbox option) and because this option is an advanced extension not to be considered as default behavior.

  • Python 2.7 and Python 3.5 marked for deprecation (they remain in CI, but are not required to pass), as both reached their EOL as of January/September 2020.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix invalid API documentation of request body for POST /users/{user_name}/groups.

  • Fix #164 (forbid special users and groups update and delete).

  • Fix #84 and #171 with additional input validation.

  • Fix #194 to render API error responses according to content-type.

  • Fix #337 documentation mismatch with previously denied request users since they are now allowed to run these requests with new user-scoped functionalities (#340).

  • Fix bug introduced in 0.9.4 (4a23a49) where some API routes would not return the Allowed Permissions for children Resource under Service (only Service permissions would be filled), or when requesting Resource details directly.

  • Fix input check to avoid situations where updating Resource name could cause involuntary duplicate errors.

  • Fix minor HTML issues in mako templates.

  • Fix invalid generation of default postgres.env file from magpie.env.example. File postgres.env.example will now be correctly employed as documented.

  • Make environment variable PHOENIX_PUSH refer to phoenix.push instead of magpie.phoenix_push to employ same naming schema as all other variables.

1.11.0 (2020-06-19)

Features / Changes

  • Update this changelog to provide direct URL references to issues and tags from both GitHub and Readthedocs.

  • Add generic magpie_helper CLI and prefix others using magpie_ to help finding them in environment.

  • Add minimal tests for CLI helpers to validate they can be found and called as intended (#74).

  • Add CLI tag for running specific tests related to helpers.

Bug Fixes

  • Remove some files from built docker image that shouldn’t be there with more explicit COPY operations.

  • Fix Dockerfile dependency of python3-dev causing build to fail.

1.10.2 (2020-04-21)

Features / Changes

  • Add more documentation detail and references to existing Magpie utilities.

  • Add readthedocs API page auto-generated from latest schemas extracted from source (redoc rendering of OpenAPI).

  • Combine and update requirements for various python versions. Update setup parsing to support python_version.

  • Slack some requirements to obtain patches and bug fixes. Limit only when needed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue related to sphinx-autoapi dependency (#251).

  • Fix reference link problems for generated documentation.

1.10.1 (2020-04-02)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix failing generation of children resource tree when calling routes /resources/{id} due to literal Resource class being used instead of the string representation. This also fixes UI Edit menu of a Service that add more at least one child Resource.

1.10.0 (2020-03-18)

Features / Changes

  • When using logging level DEBUG, Magpie requests will log additional details.

    Log entries with DEBUG level will potentially also include sensible information such as authentication cookies.
    This level SHOULD NOT be used in production environments.

Bug Fixes

  • Adjust mismatching log levels across Magpie packages in case MAGPIE_LOG_LEVEL and corresponding magpie.log_level setting or logger_magpie configuration section were defined simultaneously. The values are back-propagated to magpie.constants for matching values and prioritize the INI file definitions.

1.9.5 (2020-03-11)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix handling of Accept header introduced in PR #259 (i.e.: 1.9.3 and 1.9.4) specifically in the situation where a resource has the value magpie within its name (e.g.: such as the logo magpie.png).

1.9.4 (2020-03-10)

Bug Fixes

  • Add further handling of Accept header introduced in PR #259 (ie: 1.9.3) as more use cases where not handled.

1.9.3 (2020-03-10)

Bug Fixes

  • Add handling of Accept header to allow additional content-type when requesting UI related routes while Magpie application is being served under a route with additional prefix.

  • Fix requirements dependency issue related to zope.interface and setuptools version mismatch.

1.9.2 (2020-03-09)

Features / Changes

  • Remove MAGPIE_ALEMBIC_INI_FILE_PATH configuration parameter in favor of MAGPIE_INI_FILE_PATH.

  • Forward .ini file provided as argument to MAGPIE_INI_FILE_PATH (e.g.: when using gunicorn --paste <ini>).

  • Load configuration file (previously only .cfg) also using .yml, .yaml and .json extensions.

  • Add argument parameter for run_db_migration helper to specify the configuration ini file to employ.

Bug Fixes

  • Use forwarded input argument to MAGPIE_INI_FILE_PATH to execute database migration.

  • Handle trailing / of HTTP path that would fail an ACL lookup of the corresponding service or resource.

1.9.1 (2020-02-20)

Features / Changes

  • Update adapter docker image reference to birdhouse/twitcher:v0.5.3.

1.9.0 (2020-01-29)

Features / Changes

  • Change database user name setting to lookup for MAGPIE_POSTGRES_USERNAME (and corresponding INI file setting) instead of previously employed MAGPIE_POSTGRES_USER, but leave backward support if old parameter if not resolved by the new one.

  • Add support of variables not prefixed by MAGPIE_ for postgres database connection parameters, as well as all their corresponding postgres.<param> definitions in the INI file.

1.8.0 (2020-01-10)

Features / Changes

  • Add MAGPIE_DB_URL configuration parameter to define a database connection with full URL instead of individual parts (notably MAGPIE_POSTGRES_<> variables).

  • Add bandit security code analysis and apply some detected issues (#168).

  • Add more code linting checks using various test tools.

  • Add smoke test of built docker image to Travis-CI pipeline.

  • Bump alembic>=1.3.0 to remove old warnings and receive recent fixes.

  • Move magpie.utils.SingletonMeta functionality from adapter to reuse it in null test checks.

  • Rename resource_tree_service and remote_resource_tree_service to their uppercase equivalents.

  • Removed module magpie.definitions in favor of directly importing appropriate references as needed.

  • Improve make help targets descriptions.

  • Change to Apache license.

Bug Fixes

1.7.4 (2019-12-03)

Features / Changes

  • Add sorting by name of configuration files (permissions/providers) when loaded from a containing directory path.

  • Add readthedocs references to README.

1.7.3 (2019-11-20)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix 500 error when getting user’s services on /users/{user_name}/services.

1.7.2 (2019-11-15)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix gunicorn>=20.0.0 breaking change not compatible with alpine: pin gunicorn==19.9.0.

1.7.1 (2019-11-12)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix resource sync process and update cron job running it (#226).

  • Fix configuration files not loaded from directory by application due to more restrictive file check.

  • Fix a test validating applicable user resources and permissions that could fail if anonymous permissions where generated into the referenced database connection (eg: from loading a permissions.cfg or manually created ones).

1.7.0 (2019-11-04)

Features / Changes

  • Add docs/configuration.rst file that details all configuration settings that are employed by Magpie (#180).

  • Add more details about basic usage of Magpie in docs/usage.rst.

  • Add details about external provider setup in docs/configuration (#173).

  • Add specific exception classes for register sub-package operations.

  • Add PHOENIX_HOST variable to override default HOSTNAME as needed.

  • Add support of MAGPIE_PROVIDERS_CONFIG_PATH and MAGPIE_PERMISSIONS_CONFIG_PATH pointing to a directory to load multiple similar configuration files contained in it.

  • Add environment variable expansion support for all fields within providers.cfg and permissions.cfg files.

1.6.3 (2019-10-31)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the alembic database version number in the /version route (#165).

  • Fix failing migration step due to missing root_service_id column in database at that time and version.

1.6.2 (2019-10-04)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug in ows_parser_factory that caused query parameters for wps services to be case sensitive.

1.6.1 (2019-10-01)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix migration script for project-api service type.

1.6.0 (2019-09-20)

Features / Changes

  • Add an utility script create_users for quickly creating multiple users from a list of email addresses (#219).

  • Add PEP8 auto-fix make target lint-fix that will correct any PEP8 and docstring problem to expected format.

  • Add auto-doc of make target help message.

  • Add ACL caching option and documentation (#218).

1.5.0 (2019-09-09)

Features / Changes

  • Use singleton interface for MagpieAdapter and MagpieServiceStore to avoid class recreation and reduce request time by Twitcher when checking for a service by name.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue of form submission not behaving as expected when pressing <ENTER> key (#209).

  • Fix 500 error when deleting a service resource from UI (#195).

1.4.0 (2019-08-28)

Features / Changes

  • Apply MAGPIE_ANONYMOUS_GROUP to every new user to ensure they can access public resources when they are logged in and that they don’t have the same resource permission explicitly set for them.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix migration script hastily removing anonymous group permissions without handling and transferring them accordingly.

  • Use settings during default user creation instead of relying only on environment variables, to reflect runtime usage.

1.3.4 (2019-08-09)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix migration script errors due to incorrect object fetching from db (#149).

1.3.3 (2019-07-11)

Features / Changes

1.3.2 (2019-07-09)

Features / Changes

  • Add use_tweens=True to request.invoke_subrequest calls in order to properly handle the nested database transaction states with the manager (#203). Automatically provides pool_threadlocal functionality added in 1.3.1 as per implementation of pyramid_tm (#201).

1.3.1 (2019-07-05)

Features / Changes

  • Add pool_threadlocal=True setting for database session creation to allow further connections across workers (see #201, #202 for further information).

1.3.0 (2019-07-02)

Features / Changes

  • Move get_user function used specifically for Twitcher via MagpieAdapter where it is employed.

  • Remove obsolete, unused and less secure code that converted a token to a matching user by ID.

  • Avoid overriding a logger level specified by configuration by checking for NOTSET beforehand.

  • Add debug logging of Authentication Policy employed within MagpieAdapter.

  • Add debug logging of Authentication Policy at config time for both Twitcher and Magpie.

  • Add debug logging of Cookie identification within MagpieAdapter.

  • Add route /verify with POST request to verify matching Authentication Policy tokens retrieved between Magpie and Twitcher (via MagpieAdapter).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix MagpieAdapter name incorrectly called when displayed using route /info from Twitcher.

1.2.1 (2019-06-28)

Features / Changes

  • Log every permission requests.

1.2.0 (2019-06-27)

Features / Changes

  • Provide some documentation about magpie.constants module behaviour.

  • Remove some inspection comments by using combined requirements files.

  • Add constant MAGPIE_LOG_PRINT (default: False) to enforce printing logs to console (equivalent to specifying a sys.stdout/stderr StreamHandler in magpie.ini, but is not enforced anymore).

  • Update logging config to avoid duplicate outputs and adjust code to respect specified config.

  • Add some typing for ACL methods.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Permission enum vs literal string usage during ACL resolution for some services and return enums when calling. ServiceInterface.permission_requested method.

  • Fix user/group permission checkboxes not immediately reflected in UI after clicking them (#160).

1.1.0 (2019-05-28)

Features / Changes

  • Prioritize settings (ie: magpie.ini values) before environment variables and magpie.constants globals.

  • Allow specifying magpie.scheme setting to generate the magpie.url with it if the later was omitted.

  • Look in settings for required parameters for function get_admin_cookies.

  • Use API definitions instead of literal strings for routes employed in MagpieAdapter.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix erroneous Content-Type header retrieved from form submission getting forwarded to API requests.

  • Fix user name update failing because of incomplete db transaction.

1.0.0 (2019-05-24)

Features / Changes

  • Add Dockerfile.adapter to build and configure MagpieAdapter on top of Twitcher >= 0.5.0.

  • Add auto-bump of history version.

  • Update history with more specific sections.

  • Improve Makefile targets with more checks and re-using variables.

  • Add constant alternative search of variant magpie.[variable_name] for MAGPIE_[VARIABLE_NAME].

  • Add tests for get_constant function.

  • Regroup all configurations in a common file located in config/magpie.ini.

  • Remove all other configuration files (tox.ini, alembic.ini, logging.ini).

  • Drop Makefile target test-tox.

Bug Fixes

  • Use an already created configurator when calling MagpieAdapter.configurator_factory instead of recreating it from settings to preserve potential previous setup and includes.

  • Use default WPSGet/WPSPost for magpie.owsrequest.OWSParser when no Content-Type header is specified (JSONParser was used by default since missing Content-Type was resolved to application/json, which resulted in incorrect parsing of WPS requests parameters).

  • Actually fetch required JSON parameter from the request body if Content-Type is application/json.

  • Convert Permission enum to string for proper ACL comparison in MagpieOWSSecurity.

  • Fix raise_log function to allow proper evaluation against Exception type instead of message property.

0.10.0 (2019-04-15)

Features / Changes

  • Refactoring of literal strings to corresponding Permission enum (#167).

  • Change all incorrect usages of HTTP Not Acceptable [406] to Bad Request [400] (#163).

  • Add Accept header type checking before requests and return HTTP Not Acceptable [406] if invalid.

  • Code formatting changes for consistency and cleanup of redundant/misguiding names (#162).

  • Add option MAGPIE_UI_ENABLED allowing to completely disable all /ui route (enabled by default).

  • Add more unittests (#74).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix swagger responses status code and description and fix erroneous body (#126).

  • Fix invalid member count value returned on /groups/{id} request.

  • Fix invalid DELETE /users/{usr}/services/{svc}/permissions/{perm} request not working.

0.9.6 (2019-03-28)

Features / Changes

  • Update Travis-CI test suite execution by enabling directly running PEP8 lint checks.

  • Change some PyCharm specific inspection comment in favor of IDE independent noqa equivalents.

0.9.5 (2019-02-28)

Features / Changes

  • Logging requests and exceptions according to MAGPIE_LOG_REQUEST and MAGPIE_LOG_EXCEPTION values.

  • Better handling of HTTP Unauthorized [401] and Forbidden [403] according to unauthorized view (invalid access token/headers or forbidden operation under view).

  • Better handling of HTTP Not Found [404] and Method Not Allowed [405] on invalid routes and request methods.

  • Adjust Dockerfile copy order to save time if requirements did not change.

0.9.4 (2019-02-19)

Features / Changes

  • Address YAML security issue using updated package distribution.

  • Improve permission warning details in case of error when parsing.

  • Add multiple tests for item registration via API.

  • Minor changes to some variable naming to respect convention across the source code.

Bug Fixes

  • Use sub-transaction when running service update as a session can already be in effect with a transaction due to previous steps employed to fetch service details and/or UI display.

0.9.3 (2019-02-18)

Features / Changes

  • Greatly reduce docker image size using Alpine base and redefining its creation steps.

  • Use get_constant function to allow better retrieval of database related configuration from all setting variations.

  • Simplify database creation using sqlalchemy_utils.

0.9.2 (2019-02-15)

Features / Changes

  • Allow quick functional testing using sequences of local app form submissions.

  • Add test methods for UI redirects to other views from button click in displayed page.

  • Change resource response for generic resource: {<info>} instead of {resource-id}: {<info>}.

  • Add more typing hints of headers and cookies parameters to functions.

  • Improve handling of invalid request input parameter causing parsing errors using error_badrequest decorator.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix UI add child button broken by introduced int resource id type checking.

0.9.1 (2019-02-14)

Features / Changes

  • Reduce docker image build time by skipping irrelevant files causing long context loading using .dockerignore.

  • Use sub-requests API call for UI operations (fixes issue #114).

  • Add new route /services/types to obtain a list of available service types.

  • Add resource_child_allowed and resource_types_allowed fields in service response.

  • Change service response for generic service: {<info>} instead of {service-name}: {<info>}.

  • Add new route /services/types/{svc_type}/resources for details about child service type resources.

  • Add error handling of reserved route keywords service types for /services/{svc} routes and current user defined by MAGPIE_LOGGED_USER for /users/{usr} routes.

  • Additional tests for new routes and operations previously left unevaluated.

0.9.0 (2019-02-01)

Features / Changes

  • Add permissions config to auto-generate user/group rules on startup.

  • Attempt db creation on first migration if not existing.

  • Add continuous integration testing and deployment (with python 2/3 tests).

  • Ensure python compatibility for Python 2.7, 3.5, 3.6 (via Travis-CI).

  • Reduce excessive sqlalchemy logging using MAGPIE_LOG_LEVEL >= INFO.

  • Use schema API route definitions for UI calls.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix invalid conflict service name check on service update request.

  • Fix many invalid or erroneous swagger specifications.

0.8.2 (2019-01-21)

Features / Changes

  • Provide user ID on API routes returning user info.

0.8.1 (2018-12-20)

Features / Changes

  • Update MagpieAdapter to match process store changes.

0.8.0 (2018-12-18)

Features / Changes

  • Adjust typing of MagpieAdapter.

  • Reuse store objects in MagpieAdapter to avoid recreation on each request.

  • Add HTTPNotImplemented [501] error in case of incorrect adapter configuration.

0.7.12 (2018-12-06)

Features / Changes

  • Add flag to return effective permissions from user resource permissions requests.

0.7.11 (2018-12-03)

Features / Changes

  • Allow more processes to be returned by an administrator user when parsing items in MagpieAdapter.MagpieProcess.

0.7.10 (2018-11-30)

Features / Changes

  • Updates to MagpieAdapter.MagpieProcess according to process visibility.

0.7.9 (2018-11-20)

Features / Changes

  • Add isTrue and isFalse options to api_except.verify_param utility function.

  • Add better detail and error code for login failure instead of generic failure.

  • Use UserService for some user operations that were still using the old method.

  • Add multiple tests for /users/[...] related routes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes to JSON body to be returned by some MagpieAdapter.MagpieProcess operations.

0.7.8 (2018-11-16)

Features / Changes

  • Hide service private URL on non administrator level requests.

  • Make cookies expire-able by setting MAGPIE_COOKIE_EXPIRE and provide cookie only on http (JS CSRF attack protection).

  • Update MagpieAdapter.MagpieOWSSecurity for WSO2 seamless integration with Authentication header token.

  • Update MagpieAdapter.MagpieProcess for automatic handling of REST-API WPS process route access permissions.

  • Update MagpieAdapter.MagpieService accordingly to inherited resources and service URL changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes related to postgres DB entry conflicting inserts and validations.

0.7.7 (2018-11-06)

Features / Changes

  • Add error handing during user permission creation in MagpieAdapter.MagpieProcess.

0.7.6 (n/a)

  • Invalid version skipped due to generation error.

0.7.5 (2018-11-05)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix handling of resource type in case the resource ID refers to a service.

  • Pin pyramid_tm==2.2.1.

0.7.4 (2018-11-01)

Features / Changes

  • Add inherited resource permission with querystring (deprecate inherited_<> routes warnings).

0.7.3 (2018-10-26)

Features / Changes

  • Improve MagpieAdapter logging.

  • Add MagpieAdapter initialization with parent object initialization and configuration.

0.7.2 (2018-10-19)

Features / Changes

  • Add MagpieAdapter.MagpieOWSSecurity.update_request_cookies method that handles conversion of Authorization header into the required authentication cookie employed by Magpie and Twitcher via integrated MagpieAdapter.

  • Add multiple cosmetic improvements to UI (images, styles, etc.).

  • Improve login error reporting in UI.

  • Improve reporting of invalid parameters on creation UI pages.

  • Add better display of the logged user if any in the UI.

  • Add more Swagger API documentation details for returned resources per HTTP status codes.

  • Add external provider type WSO2 and relevant setting variables to configure the referenced instance.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix external providers login support with authomatic using API/UI (validated for DKRZ, GitHub and WSO2).

  • Fix login/logout button in UI.

0.7.1 (2018-10-16)

Features / Changes

  • Avoid displaying the private service URL when not permitted for the current user.

  • Add more test and documentation updates.

0.7.0 (2018-10-05)

Features / Changes

  • Add service resource auto-sync feature.

  • Return user/group services if any sub-resource has permissions.

0.6.5 (2018-09-13)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix MagpieAdapter setup using TWITCHER_PROTECTED_URL setting.

  • Fix MagpieAdapter.MagpieService handling of returned list of services.

  • Fix Swagger JSON path retrieval for some edge case configuration values.

0.6.4 (2018-10-10)

0.6.2 - 0.6.3 (n/a)

  • Invalid versions skipped due to generation error.

0.6.1 (2018-06-29)

Features / Changes

  • Update Makefile targets.

  • Change how postgres configurations are retrieved using variables specific to Magpie.

Bug Fixes

  • Properly return values of field permission_names under /services/.* routes.

0.6.0 (2018-06-26)

Features / Changes

  • Add /magpie/api/ route to locally display the Magpie REST API documentation.

  • Move many source files around to regroup by API/UI functionality.

  • Auto-generation of swagger REST API documentation using cornice_swagger.

  • Add more unit tests.

  • Validation of permitted resource types children under specific parent service or resource.

  • ServiceAPI to filter read/write of specific HTTP methods on route parts.

  • ServiceAccess to filter top-level route access permission of a generic service URL.

0.5.4 (2018-06-08)

Features / Changes

  • Improve some routes returned codes, inputs check, and requests formats (JSON).

0.5.3 (2018-06-07)

Features / Changes

  • Add utility functions like get_multiformat_any to help retrieving contents regardless of request method and/or content-type.

0.5.2 (2018-06-06)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix returned inherited group permissions of a user.

  • Fix clearing of cookies when logout is accomplished.

0.5.1 (2018-06-06)

Features / Changes

  • Independent user/group permissions, no more ‘personal’ group to reflect user permissions.

  • Service specific resources with service*-typed* Resource permissions.

  • More verification of resources permissions under specific services.

  • Reference to root service from each sub-resource.

0.5.0 (2018-06-06)

Features / Changes

  • Change defaults for ADMIN_GROUP and USER_GROUP variables.

  • Major refactoring of Magpie application, both for API and UI.

  • Split utilities and view functions into corresponding files for each type of item.

  • Add more alembic database migration scripts steps for missing incremental versioning of schema and data.

  • Inheritance of user and group permissions with different routes.

0.4.5 (2018-05-14)

Features / Changes

  • Handle login failure into different use cases in order to return appropriate HTTP status code and message.

  • Add login error reporting with a banner in UI.

0.4.4 (2018-05-11)

Features / Changes

  • Add UI view for user detail edition, including personal information and group membership.

0.4.3 (2018-05-09)

Features / Changes

  • Loosen psycopg2 version requirement.

0.4.2 (2018-05-09)

Features / Changes

  • Loosen PyYAML version requirement.

  • Update documentation details.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix installation error (#27).

0.4.1 (2018-05-08)

Features / Changes

  • Improvement to UI element rendering with focus/hover/etc.

  • Push to Phoenix adjustments and new push button option and alert/confirmation banner.

0.4.0 (2018-03-23)

Features / Changes

  • Default admin permissions.

  • Block UI view permissions of all pages if not logged in.


Features / Changes

  • Add ncWMS support for getmap, getcapabilities, getmetadata on thredds resource.

  • Add ncWMS2 to default providers.

  • Add geoserverwms service.

  • Remove load balanced Malleefowl and Catalog.

  • Push service provider updates to Phoenix on service edit or initial setup with getcapabilities for anonymous.

  • Major update of Magpie REST API 0.2.x documentation to match returned codes/messages from 0.2.0 changes.

  • Normalise additional HTTP request responses omitted from 0.2.0 (404, 500, and other missed responses).

  • Remove internal api call, separate login external from local, direct access to ziggurat login.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix UI "Magpie Administration" to redirect toward home page instead of PAVICS platform.

  • Fix bug during user creation against preemptive checks.

  • Fix issues from 0.2.x versions.


Features / Changes

  • Revamp HTTP standard error output format, messages, values and general error/exception handling.

  • Update Magpie REST API 0.2.0 documentation.


Features / Changes

  • Add edition of service URL via PUT /{service_name}.


  • First structured release.