Magpie: A RestFul AuthN/AuthZ service

Magpie (the smart-bird)

a very smart bird who knows everything about you.

Magpie is service for AuthN/AuthZ accessible via a REST API implemented with the Pyramid web framework. It allows you to manage User/Group/Service/Resource/Permission with a PostgreSQL database. Behind the scene, it uses Ziggurat-Foundations and Authomatic.


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The REST API documentation is auto-generated and served under {MAGPIE_URL}/api/ using Swagger-UI with tag latest.

More ample details about installation, configuration and usage are provided on ReadTheDocs.
These are generated from corresponding information provided in docs directory.

Configuration and Usage

Multiple configuration options exist for Magpie application.
Please refer to Configuration section for details.
See Usage section for details.

Change History

Addressed features, changes and bug fixes per version tag are available in CHANGES.

Docker Images

Following most recent variants are available:


(with integrated MagpieAdapter)






  • Older tags the are also available: Magpie Docker Images

  • Twitcher image with integrated MagpieAdapter are only available for Magpie >=1.0.0

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